Saturday, 9 October 2010

10th Oct: World Day Against the Death Penalty

Tomorrow is not just about cutting carbon, but it is also the 8th World Day Against the Death Penalty. The day is focused on the US which continues to execute / murder people. As the picture below from the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Texas is responsible for a massive proportion of the executions.

Read more from these camapign groups:

This is from Reprieve:

Today begins the build up to the 8th World Day Against the Death Penalty on Sunday 10th – a day on which people around the world show their opposition to the injustice of capital punishment.

Reprieve has been fighting for prisoners facing the death penalty since 1999, and we currently assist 45 individuals in 7 different countries, providing them with frontline investigation and legal representation. The facts below illustrate that eleven years on, our work remains just as important.

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