Sunday, 26 September 2010

People's Front of Medway

While it has always been a massive social gaff to quote Python, I just have to mention the People's Front of Medway. A simple Facebook group to bring local campaign together, making a stand for local people as the page says. Surely we need a People's Front of Maidstone!

This is from their Facebook page:

The People's Front of Medway has been set up to:
provide a platform for local campaign groups to bring their causes to a wider audience;
provide a forum for local people to debate the issues that affect them most;
provide a repository for other local groups and teams so local people can discover what's going on in the area.
If you're fighting a campaign in the Medway area, please post links to your facebook group on the wall.
If you're a member of a team, collective or other local organisation, please post links to your facebook group or website on the wall.
Feel free to set up any discussion topics about the issues that are affecting you.
If your council tax bill comes from Medway Council, this group is for you.

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