Friday, 17 September 2010

Oaken Wood meeting 16th Sept

Yesterday I spoke to a packed hall of Barming residents about two reasons the Greens were objecting to Gallagher's plans to turn Oaken Wood into a quarry. I think that there were around 120 people there and it was standing room only clearly reflecting the strength of feeling in Barming.

Alongside me were CPRE and The Woodland Trust and the event was organised by the Save Oaken Wood Action Group. I focussed on the economic and sustainability cases against the quarrying, but there are plenty of other reasons not to turn 74 acres of ancient woodland into material to build roads...

If you haven't already objected, The Woodland Trust have made it easy to do so with their online email objector thingummy.

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Anonymous said...

I see, from a letter I read in the Daily Mail this week, that the battle for the oaken wood has been lost. That odious pickles man has rubber stamped it. Is there nothing that can be done now?