Thursday, 23 September 2010

Maidstone teenager makes history on democracy in borough

Received this from my friend Anthony! My heart felt congratulations to him.

Anthony Hill, a 16 year old sixth form student at St Simon Stock Catholic School, who led the campaign to save the tree outside Town Hall. He Questioned Cllr Garland last Wednesday (22nd Sept) about the Councils petition rules which only allowed people on the electoral roll the right to submit petitions, which you have to be 18 for. Cllr Garland agreed that Under 18’s should be allowed to present petitions to Maidstone Borough Council and the constitution should be changed accordingly as long as the council agreed.

Late that night all councillors voted in Favour for changes to Maidstone Borough Council’s Petition scheme, which included removing the age limit for petitions and allowing e –petitions. It was said that without Anthony’s Campaign to Save the Tree this change would not have happened. Anthony was praised by all Councillors and Council Staff.

Anthony was delighted about the council’s decision and said “It is a shame that this was not in place when I wanted to submit my petition in June. But I have alerted the council that there are young people in our borough who want to make a change for the better to our Borough and wider Community, contrary to what you are often led to believe. This change will allow anyone in the future the right to submit a petition which is excellent news. I would also like to thank all of he Councillors who have praised me over me efforts.”

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