Thursday, 26 August 2010

Top 25 Green Blogs

I'm in the top 25 Green Bloggers again, but have slipped from 10th to 18th. Congrats to my fellow bloggers who clearly bribed more people than me. Next year I'll have a campaign manager, corporate funding and a smear campaign.

Today, Total Politics is proud to announce the results of the 2010-2011 blog poll.
Kicking off the awards, here is a list of the Top 25 Green Blogs:

1 (1) The Daily (Maybe)
2 Bright Green Scotland
3 (2) Two Doctors
4 (5) Barkingside 21
5 (4) Another Green World
6 Gaian Economics
7 (21) George Monbiot
8 (8) Rupert's Read
9 (11) Mabinogogiblog
10 (9) Ruscombe Green
11 (19) Weggis
12 Jane's Political Ramblings
13 Suitably Despairing
14 Flesh is Grass
15 (10) Green Reading
16 Greens Engage
17 (15) Caroline Lucas MEP
18 Stuart Jeffery
19 (3) Peter Cranie
20 (14) Bloggy Blanc
21 Scottish Greens
22 Greening Kirklees
23 Greener Leith
24 Chadwell and Seven Kings Greens
25 A Week Is a Long Time


Jim Jepps said...

Well, there were six newcomers above you so in a sense you haven't really slipped much... and also Caroline L moved down - clearly neglecting her blogging!

weggis said...

According to your post last year you were 18th in 2009 also, so far from slipping you are treading water.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Weggis - you are absolutely right, I was looking at the 2008 result when I came 10th. So not slipping, just languishing at the bottom but in good company. Sounds like my entire political career to date!