Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Russia's wildfires 'unlucky'

Last night on the BBC News 24 channel a Russian was interviewed and stated that Russia had been 'unlucky' with the weather this summer. As he spoke the scrolling headline at the bottom of the screen talked about BP's capping of the well - while individiual weather events can't be put down to digging up the carbon and pumping it into the air, I do wonder how many times people are going to be able to keep the two issues distinct.

Currently reading 'The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy' which mentioned the same effect. It talked of how a recent Sunday paper carried an advert for a 4x4 SUV driving through a flood proclaiming it to be a solution for adverse weather. The ad fails to mention the CO2 that is driving climate chaos. 

Finally, hats off to Clarkson and co for pointing out the fallacy of the scrappage scheme by talking about the embodied energy in the scrapped cars last night (n.b. I don't watch Top Gear, just caught a snippet).

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Anonymous said...

According to an article by Wetlands International, Russia's fire have been made worse by peatland drainage (which causes large CO2 emissions):

David M. Davison