Tuesday, 6 July 2010

UN report on climate change was 'one sided' says right wing press

UN report on climate change was 'one sided' was the front page headline in today's The Times (no longer available online without subscription) which struck me as strange as the equivalent Guardian headline reported: "Review of questioned IPCC report says conclusions 'well-founded'".

As the Guardian talks about the serious consequences of climate change that the review has suggested, The Times focussed on positive benefits that were ignored. The Guardian talks about these too :"ignored positive impacts such as the ability to grow new crops in some parts of the world, or opening of shorter Arctic sea routes" but I have to question whether a reduction in artic sea ice is really a benefit or whether it is a tipping point and feedback loop!

The difference in spin and emphasis between left and right wing press never fails to amaze me. Sadly the majority of our press is right wing. Sadly the public never get a balanced view of the world around us.

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rialisis said...

I forget. Isn't The Times owned by Rupert Murdoch? It answers a lot of questions.

Got an email this morning from 38 degrees about his intent to buy 100% control of BskyB.