Thursday, 1 July 2010

Repeal Newton's 1687 Gravity Act

Nick Clegg has called for suggestions about which laws should be repealed. The usual right wing trolls are dominating the suggestions with ideas like bringing back hanging, getting rid of human rights and scrapping benefits, but the one I particularly like is to get rid of the Law of Gravity (see no. 358).

The 1687 Universal Gravitation Act, introduced by Newton has caused nothing but problems. Pinning us down, increasing the energy consumption of planes and restricting space travel. It just has to go.

There are other laws with equal problems:

Moore's Law, the 1965 Computer Complexity Act has clearly led to significant piles of WEEE being dumped in Africa. This one is surely a priority to get rid of.

Boyle's 1662 Gas Act has really been a pain, ensuring the release of much of the hot air by our politicians ever since. We simply don't need or want this.

Other similar laws are more useful. I would hate to see a repeal of the 1850 First Thermodynamic Act. We would all freeze without it and winter fuel payments would soar.

Newton's Motion Act (First) 1687 is equally useful. How would we keep going when tired without it?

As for Sod's Law, we certainly need that to make life interesting...

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