Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mark Legless MP for Rochester and Strood

Mark Reckless was elected Tory MP for Rochester and Strood in May, taking over from the great Bob Marshall-Andrews. Mark runs a blog about his work as an MP and blogged about the recent budget delivered by his university chum George Osborne.

What Mr Reckless forgot to mention in his blog was that he couldn't vote for the budget that matey George had proposed. Mr Reckless was legless after a six hour binge in the Westminster bar, during which another Tory MP was rude to an official.

From the Daily Mail:

"A shamed Tory MP has admitted he was too drunk to vote in the debate on the Budget after a night of debauched behaviour on the Commons terrace. Former banker Mark Reckless was so inebriated that he fell to the floor of a Commons bar before the crucial vote in the early hours of the morning, before being bundled into a taxi home by fellow MPs."

If normal people spent six hours at work getting plastered and then couldn't perform one simple task, they would be instantly dismissed. It is clear the Mr Legless does not consider himself to be a normal person, but a member of the political elite who is above the rest of society. I assume David Cameron and Mark Reckless's university friend George Osborne feel the same way.

I don't.

Being drunk at work is inexcusable in any job. Being drunk at work when you hold a publically accountable and highly responsible job such as an MP is disgusting and contemptuous.

Mark Reckless should resign now or be sacked immediately.

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