Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hands off Oaken Wood!

Press release from Kent Green Party below. Please let Gallagher's know what you think of their plans (link here)

Greens in the Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling areas are backing the campaign to save Oaken Woods from quarrying by Gallaghers. Expressing deep concerns about the wisdom and need for quarrying in Kent, they have stated that Gallaghers need to put the needs of environment before profit and that ancient woodland must be protected. They have further stated that there no need for further road building in Kent and that there are good alternatives for building materials. Maidstone Greens have expressed their concerns to the company directly.

Stuart Jeffery of Maidstone Green Party: "Gallagher mainly supplies aggregate for road building and stone for house building. While we recognise the need for more social and affordable housing in Maidstone, there is no need for further expansion of our road network, especially when it involves destroying 74 acres of ancient woodland.

"Kentish ragstone may be an attractive building material to use but it is not a practical one. At a time when we should be reducing our carbon footprint, we should be building houses using materials with very high insulation values. We need to be investing in zero carbon alternatives with high insulation values is we are to have a new housing stock for the future.

"Destroying ancient woodland for the sake of building roads is simply shortsighted and greedy. Any promised replacement woodland will not be adequate for the loss of diversity that the area currently has."

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Nickname unavailable said...

There are two very different uses for the stone to be quarried - aggregate for road building and building stone for conservation projects. Ragstone is an immensely important part of Kent, and London's, heritage. Obvious examples of ragstone buildings include Knole House, Rochester Castle, Southwark Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, Teston Bridge, Ightham Mote and Leeds Castle. sympatthetic restoration of these buldings and hundeds of others will require Kentish Ragstone. There are now very few places where good quality ragstone can be quarried so it should not be wasted for road aggregate. Slow quarrying of Oaken Wood for building stone may well be justifiable. Stripping it out for aggregate would arguably be criminal waste of a prime resource.