Friday, 11 June 2010

A21: good news for ancient woodland

Welcome news indeed! Destroying ancient woodland for the sake of wider roads is an insane act. Half of Britain's ancient woodland has been lost since the 1930's and we have one of the lowest levels of woodlands in Europe.

From the KM: "Long-awaited plans to dual the A21 in Kent have suffered a major setback after the government announced today it was postponing a public inquiry into the scheme because of the government's spending review. The news is a major blow and raises a serious question mark over the fate of the £125m scheme to improve the stretch of road between Tonbridge and Pembury."

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Anonymous said...

Good news indeed, though I do think that something needs to be done to the existing road to improve safety. Some widening in appropriate places would serve to straighten the bends where most of the accidents occur and a flyover across the roundabout at the top of Longfield Road (where the industrial estate meets the A21 would also massively reduce accidents and congestion, but we don't need an entirely new road section.