Sunday, 2 May 2010

What would you do with £17m?

1. Insulate 40,000 homes, reducing fuel poverty to people in Maidstone while making homes warmer and reducing CO2 emissions?

2. Buy 100 new buses and reduce bus fares so that more people use public transport saving them money, reducing congestion on the roads and reducing CO2 emissions?

3. Move the library half a mile away from the town centre so that people without cars can't get there any more?

4. Put some new paving down in the High St so that more shops can open?

The Tories have opted for 3 and 4, while the Lib Dems just 3.

I suggest that 1 or 2 would be the right choice.


rialisis said...

How is the campaign going? I'm getting fed up with the amount of leaflets being forced through my letter box.

I note only one has come through on recycled paper as well. ;)

Stuart Jeffery said...

The campaign is going well. We have deliberately gone for less is more with the leafleting, to save paper / trees, so that people don't get hacked off with the number of leaflets and so that we concentrate on talking to people.

Can I add you to me email list?

Kind regards


rialisis said...