Saturday, 8 May 2010

Curate's Egg

After the marathon on Thursday and finally getting to sleep last night (remind me to take the day off work after an election next time!), I ought to begin to reflect on the highs and lows.

The real high came around 5.30am yesterday when we learnt the Caroline had been elected as the UK's first Green MP for Brighton Pavilion. Congratulations Caroline!

Locally, the general election squeeze came in harder than I expected. Our voting system means people can only vote against what they don't want, rather than positively for their first choice. First past the post means that a minority of voters usually elect an unpopular dictatorship every five years. The squeeze hit the Lib Dems nationally as well and FPTP must go. Let's hope the LibDems have the political will to bring FPTP down.

The high turn out also benefits the Westminster Three in local elections. The good news in Maidstone is that the number of Green votes in Fant Ward increased by 50% to 480. Our local election votes seem very stable and with the winning post in Fant usually around 700 (when there is no general election at the same time), it looks like we can win there soon.

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