Wednesday, 5 May 2010

One day to go!

I love the expression that candidates use: "I will work tirelessly". Well I won't, I will work flat out until I've done everything I can and I'm exhausted! That is how I expect to feel tomorrow evening, anything less and I won't have given it my all...

We have been out canvassing and leafleting as much as we can and speaking to people on the doorstep is a joy. People are rightly hacked off with the Westminster Three and are looking for a new politics based on ideals, ethics and forward thinking.

In this election I hope people vote positively for a party they believe in. That is what politics should be about.

Please vote Green Party tomorrow.


rialisis said...

Good luck for tomorrow. I'm feeling the turnout might suffer thanks to a lot of people being disillusioned by our current political structure.

Its a shame, although I think I've convinced one of my friends to vote regardless of how they vote.

I've even had Helen Grant offer me a lift to the polling booths to bump the numbers up!

Anonymous said...