Monday, 31 May 2010

Freedom Flotilla

How can a country lay siege to another and attempt to defy the delivery of humanitarian aid to its beleaguered people?

Israel have intercepted and are delaying the Freedom Flotilla that is traveling form Cyprus to Gaza, carrying wheelchairs, water purification systems, etc. for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Accepting that there are some countries with very dodgy records on human rights and some of these country’s actions hurt other countries, I can’t think of another example in recent years where humanitarian aid has been denied.

Surely it is time for international condemnation and action to be taken against Israel to ensure that Gazans receive basic aid?

Israel cannot be allowed to continue its bully boy approach to Palestine, even if it is a friend of the US.

Allowing people to die in this way goes against every basic decency that exists, as well as being another war crime that Israel is guilty of.

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