Wednesday, 19 May 2010

April 2010 was the hotest April

April is the cruelest month, well April 2010 was hotest April ever. Data on global temperature averages from Nasa is available here. You can never pick on one point and claim it proves anything, but as everyone who is following the climate problem knows, we must look at the trends. Never the less, it is always worrying when another record is broken.

A purple heron at DungenessCorrelating the temperature evidence with the changing world around us also helps embed our understanding of the reality of climate change. News yesterday of the first pair of purple herons nesting in the UK (down un Dungeness in Kent), is exciting but worrying as this quote from the BBC explains:

"Experts believe purple herons, which have struggled in Europe in recent decades, are one of the species likely to set up home in southern Britain as climate change pushes wildlife further north."

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