Friday, 16 April 2010

They agree with Nick

Having sat through 90 minutes listening to the copy cat parties, I struggled to spot the differences despite their attempts to highlight them. Watching three right wing parties trying to claim they are different is not a debate.

They all want to cause mass unemployment across the country, none of them mentioned the need to invest in reducing our dependency on oil. None of them want to get out of Afghanistan.

The catchphrase of the night was: "We agree with Nick". That's because they all have the same ideologies and policies.

Every 5 years the country elects a dictatorship. There is nothing new about this election, but there can be.
Vote Green instead!


Anonymous said...

My problem is this. I really don't think they *are* all the same. I think the Tories are much, much worse. So...I am torn between a tactical vote for Lib Dems in Maidstone as the party with the best chance to beat Helen Grant and the Tories. If I lived in Norwich, Lewisham or Brighton I'd vote Green in a heartbeat. Can you convince me I'd be better voting for you Stuart?


Stuart Jeffery said...

Hi Nick,

All three parties want to continue the war in Afghanistan (we don't);

they all want massive public sector cuts (the Lib Dems are talking about putting 120,000 public sector workers on the dole);

they are all refusing to acknowldge that taxes for top earners need to rise (they talk about raising them for the top 0.1% of earners, we talk about raising taxes for the top 13%);

none of them mentioned climate change or peak oil despite these being the defining issues of our era (or if they did it must have been a passing comment as I missed it);

In Maidstone, Peter Carroll is very right wing and anti-enviroment:

he wants to bring corporal punishment back in schools;

he fought the South East's largest on-shore windfarm;

he has campaigned heavily against fuel duty, where as we want to raise it so that we can pay for alternatives such as public transport;

Lib Dem councillors voted against a target to reduce the council's CO2 emissions in favour of carbon offsetting.

They also try to convince people that they can win, but they have massive Tory majority to overturn (15,000) and they only go 10,000 last time. Please vote for a party that you believe in.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

He wants to bring back Corporal Punishment - really? I work as a teacher in a very disadvantaged school in Maidstone. I should think the very last thing some of my students need more of is physical bullying. That's really nuts.

OK I'm convinced.