Sunday, 11 April 2010

Palestine Solidarity in the General Election

As people are aware, I am a keen supporter of Palestinian rights and helped organise the vigil in Maidstone during last year's attrocities in Gaza (and I was the only parliamentary candidate to attend this despite direct invitations to the Libs, Tories and Labour candidates). I have signed up to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's election pledges:

* Call on Israel to end its violations of international law, including ending its illegal occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza
* Oppose any attacks on universal jurisdiction and support bringing those responsible for Israeli war crimes to justice
* Work to end the siege on Gaza
* Call on the government to ban the import of settlement goods
* Call on the government to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement
* Call for an end to Britain’s arms trade with Israel


thehoatzin said...

Why don't you also call on Hamas to end their desire to wipe out the Jews?

that and the prejudice against homosexuals and women etc

Stuart Jeffery said...

@thehoatzin: I have no time for Hamas and have condemned them on a number of occasions.

This post is about wanting to see an end to the attrocities inflicted by Israel on the Palestinian people - I hope you want to see an end to those attrocities two?