Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Apparently there's gonna be an election

GB is due to ask QE to dissolve parliament (which may bring cheer to many disgruntled voters, depending on what she decides to dissolve it in) and we are to elect the next one on 6th May.

The charade of democracy begins with the incumbant prime minister deciding when going to the polls would be best for his party.

The charade continues with a voting system that should have been consigned to a Victorian midden 150 years ago. First past the post will strengthen the discredited hegemony and ensure that the majority of voters are represented by someone they didn't vote for.

The only way forward is through true representation, real political debate and openness and transparency in parliament. When people are given the chance to vote for policies that they think will benefit the country, there is a very different outcome.

Time for people to start voting for policies and a party that they believe in: