Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lib Dems: moving right again and getting hard core

Here in Maidstone, the Lib Dems claim that you need to vote for them to keep the Tories out. Of course that is nonsense, but Clegg's revelations in the Spectator (quoted here in the Daily Mail) suggest that he is preparing to go into coalition with the Tories anyway. That puts an interesting perspective on the vote in Maidstone: Vote Blue, get Blue; Vote Yellow, get Blue !

This is from the Daily Mail:
    "The clearest enunciation yet of how the LibDems will decide who to back came after Mr Clegg declared his admiration for Margaret Thatcher. In an apparent bid to woo old school Tory voters he said his party's economic policies were more in tune with Lady Thatcher's than those of David Cameron. Mr Clegg told the Spectator Magazine he was now grown up enough to see that Lady Thatcher had been right about many policies. He said: 'I'm 43 now. I was at university at the height of the Thatcher revolution and I recognise now something I did not at the time: that her victory over a vested interest, the trade unions, was immensely significant. 'I don't want to be churlish, that was an immensely important visceral battle for how Britain is governed.'"

That really is scary stuff! I'm a year younger than Clegg and I remember Thatcher too. My recollection is clearly a little different to Clegg's but then I was able to go to university straight from school and I was living in Medway in the 1980's after Thatcher had closed the dockyard there.

Putting his party firmly in line with the Tories is clearly going to lose him votes, especially portraying himself as a Thatcherite.

There is another way, people can always: Vote Green, get Green... we are the party with radical policies on social justice, opposing cuts and increasing jobs.We are not fans of Thatcher!

Finally, sticking with the LibDems... I'm not a fan of hard core porn and really don't know what to make of this... answers on a post card please.

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