Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vote Blue, Get Blue

Today's poll in the Sunday Times putting Labour just 2% behind the Tories shows that people are not just becoming scared of the Conservative machine but I think are a little disappointed at the shallowness of their campaign.

The airbrushed images of Cameron really didn't help, especially when up against the (alledged) bullying by Brown. The bullying accusations don't seem to have done him any harm at all, perhaps people like this? It is extremely sad that politics in Britain seems to thrive on the Punch and Judy attitude such as Farage's despicable name calling in the European Parliament last week.

It might be that people are beginning to see the Tories for what they are. The Times ran a story last week which contained survey data showing only 9% of the prospective Tory candidates accept the established scientific view on climate change and only 27% of current Tory MPs do. Vote blue, get blue said Left Foot Forward.

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