Sunday, 7 February 2010

UKIP MEP: Greens are a greater threat than Al-Quaeda

Below is a piece from a Green in Sheffield, Adrian Cruden. He exposes one of the loonie UKIP MEPs and clearly demonstrates what a nasty piece of work this one is. Be careful what you vote for! This is the piece:

Godfrey Bloom was elected 6 years ago as the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) European MEP for Yorkshire & Humberside. He achieved brief notoriety when he got onto the European Parliament's Women's Committee and declared that the main issue he wanted to raise was the number of women who did not know how to clean behind fridges properly. Not for the last time, he later claimed his comments were a joke.

A sexist? Yes. A buffoon? Yes. Harmless? No.

Godfrey has now spent years and thousands of pounds of taxpayers money on his favourite activity of denying global warming is man-made. His spends much of his time spreading the lies and myths of the climate change deniers and rubbishing eco-activism. He is entitled to his opinions and I dare say to express them - it is for greens to challenge and expose them as the inventions and fibs that they are.

However, he recently posted a video on his Youtube channel, hilariously called Goddervision, entitled "Well done the French for sinking Greenpeace boat". In this, you can guffaw riproaringly as our representative claims global warming and Greenpeace are part of a middle class conspiracy for some sort of outward bound holiday (?!). But he finishes by celebrating the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior by the French secret services back in the mid-1980s. "Vive la France!", the smirking Europhobe concludes in a self-knowing display of faux irony.

I wrote to him pointing out someone was killed, and querying how he could support what, in effect, was an indiscriminate terrorist attack against a civilian target. I also asked him, as a constituent and a Green Party activist, if he felt that someone like myself is therefore a legitimate target for violence in his eyes.

Our correspondence is below. He rambles on about death being unacceptable (but does not condemn violence and is silent on the validity of Green people as targets) but then launches into an incoherent tirade about Greens being responsible for many many deaths - I think from hypothermia because, according to Godfrey, we don't have any nuclear power in the UK (which seems strange - I wonder what is going on in all these nuclear reactors at Sellafield, Hunterston, etc?).

Godfrey Bloom is a disgrace to Yorkshire. But more than that, by sowing confusion about the emergency facing us, he is potentially very dangerous - UKIP after all beat the Labour Party into second place in last year's European elections.

I can claim a small victory though - he has removed his video from Youtube...but not before I downloaded it and I happily present it on my video panel on the lower left side of my profile page for your edification. If you are a Green, remember that face - and beware if you see Godfrey lurking near your house.

Sent: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 9:43
Subject: Goddervision

Dear Mr Bloom

I am writing to you as one of your constituents to express my concern having watched your video, "Well done the French for sinking Greenpeace boat."

I would like to ask why you feel that it was acceptable for French secret service agents to attach and explode limpet mines to an unarmed, civilian ship when it was docked in a civilian port and, at times, open to members of the public to go on board and visit (and indeed this was something the French agents took advantage of as part of their reconnaissance). Whatever your objections to Greenpeace's activities, how can action of this nature be acceptable?

You will presumably be additionally aware that during the sinking, a photographer, a photographer, Fernando Pereira, was killed. Do I take it then that you endorse the murder of environmental activists? If so, what distinguishes your line from that of, say, the IRA or al-Quaeda?

I am an active member of the Green Party in Yorkshire and so I feel I need to ask you, as one of my local representatives expressing such views, if therefore you consider someone like myself or my property to be a legitimate target for violence?

Yours sincerely

Adrian Cruden

Re: GoddervisionThursday, 28 January, 2010 4:56 PMFrom: "" Add sender to ContactsTo:

Dear Mr Cruden
It is extremely regrettable and indeed unacceptable for any loss of life of which incidentally I was not aware, memory being at fault here I think.

However, let me offer you another view. National Socialism, Islam-Fascism, eco-fascism always ends in the deaths of the innocent. The biggest threat to us today is not terrorism but eco fascism. It is eco fascism closing conventional power stations, trying to stop the building of new ones that work. Destroy whole communities with the ludicrous windmill fanaticism. That we have no nuclear power is a direct result of eco-fascism. Hundreds die every year of hypothermia, thousands more will join them after 2015. Green taxes and significantly higher fuel bills will drive industry abroad and impoverish old age pensioners. All, so spoiled middle class ‘environmentalists’ can do their thing at the expense of poor people in wealthy countries and the emerging African and Asian economies.

No Mr Cruden, you bear and will continue to bear responsibilities for deaths on a much bigger scale than the IRA or Al-Quaeda, and all based on fraudulent and junk science of which ordinary people are now being made aware.

Yours sincerely
Godfrey Bloom

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punkscience said...

Typical denial. If I have time this weekend I'll happily put a few choice bits of evidence together to see if we can't shut this fool's ignorant ranting down.