Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spring Conference

I have had two exhausting days working on the health policy initially presenting, discussing and debating the revisals at workshops and then proposing and debating them in the main plenary. We nearly finished it yesterday, but there are a few left to get voted on this morning. Hopefully by midday we'll have a shiny new health policy! I'll publish more details when it is passed.

Managed to see Kate Pickett and Johann Hari speaking on equality. A fantastic hour stuffed with information, insight, tears and laughter (Johann is very funny). I finally bought Kate's book The Spirit Level, but have been following her work through The Equality Trust for some time.

Also passed at conference was a motion limiting the pay differentials in companies to a maximum of 10, i.e. the highest earner in a company couldn't earn more than ten times the lowest paid person. Personnally I think we could of gone a little further, maybe as low as 7, but it is still radical and welcome!

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