Friday, 26 February 2010

Lydd Airport expansion

It looks like Shepway District Council will be deciding on whether the expansion of Lydd Airport should be allowed.  Let us hope that the council there do the right thing and say no! I had the info below from the campaigners against the expansion. Please lobby the councillors in Shepway.

    After years of debate and several postponements, Shepway District Councillors are preparing to vote on planning applications that would see the expansion of Lydd Airport (London Ashford Airport, as they refer to themselves optimistically).
    An expanded airport at Lydd would blight Romney Marsh and Dungeness forever.
    But there is still time to prevent this disastrous development, which threatens the unique wildlife of the Dungeness area, as well as the area’s tranquil beauty. Two-thirds of local people have already said no to airport expansion. Act now and make sure that the councillors votes that way too.
    On 3 March, Shepway District Council will vote on whether or not to allow the expansion of Lydd airport. Many of the councillors say they have not yet made up their minds. You have a last chance to let them know how, as your representative on the council, they should cast their vote.
    • Or you can send hard copy letters to this address: Leader of the Council, Shepway District Council, Castle Hill Ave, Folkestone, CT20 2QY.
    The coalition of groups opposing the expansion of Lydd airport believes that, if the plans go ahead, the Romney Marsh and Dungeness area will never be the same again. A massively expanded Lydd airport would:
    • Damage or destroy the area’s unique wildlife and degrade the wider environment.
    • Significantly diminish the quality of life in Lydd, New Romney and the entire surrounding area because of the unprecedented increase in air and road traffic.
    • Ruin the tranquillity of Romney Marsh with increased noise levels.
    • Threaten existing jobs and livelihoods.
    • Raise major safety issues due to the airport’s proximity to the Dungeness nuclear power stations and the Ministry of Defence firing range.
    If you believe the area’s tranquillity, history and wildlife should be protected and enhanced then please take this last opportunity to write to your councillor, or to the leader of SDC, Robert Bliss, tell them your views and ask them to vote against the expansion plans.
    Help us put a lid on Lydd airport once and for all. Thank you.

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