Thursday, 21 January 2010

Widdecombe, Uganda and LGBT discrimination

Last week I emailed Ann Widdecombe asking her to sign an Early Day Motion condemning Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill which proposes the death penalty for some sexual acts. Today I received a reply.

While Ms Widdecombe was sympathetic with my concerns of the 'draconian' measures in the Bill she feels unable to sign the EDM as she "believe(s) it right to preserve the distinction between marriage and homosexual activity and therefore, find the final line of the EDM 575 impossible to sign".

For clairity the final line says: "and demands that the Ugandan government uphold international humanitarian law by abandoning its Anti-Homosexuality Bill, decriminalising same-sex acts between consenting adults in private, and outlawing discrimination against gay people"

Be careful who you vote for this year! Let's hope that whoever wins Ms Widdecombe's seat does not think discrimination against gay people is reasonable. You might want to the other challenge candidates on their views, I guess you know where I stand.


Labour said...

I have sent a letter to AW about this which is a reply about her fence sitting again on a subject which is about complete discrimination. Rich

Labour said...

A REPLY FROM AW TODAY 28TH JAN. Was a bit miffed that my fence sitting bit was the first time she has been accused of such a thing?
She will not sign the EDM, no reason given. Rich