Sunday, 31 January 2010

Green ructions on the A21

The Tories have nailed their colours to the mast this week attacking the Green defence of ancient woodland over road building in Pembury. Last week's front page headline in the Kent on Sunday was full of vitriol from Tory MPs incessant about the Green Party's concern for the environment over a road widening scheme. This week, more Tories have waded in concerned that Kent Greens will throw a spanner in the works of insanity and environmental destruction. Well done Hazel!!!

North Kent is not to be missed out in the recent Tory plans for more roads, more emissions, more pollution, more waste, less society, less planet, and less environment. Paul Carter, Tory leader of KCC, has announced his plans for a third Thames Crossing, this one from east of Gravesend to Tilbury, as there are too many cars trying to get through the Dartford crossing.

I think we need to borrow Hazel's toolbox for another environmental spanner to throw into the works.

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