Friday, 18 December 2009

The only Green Party

As Copenhagen fails due to greed, intransigence and a lack of polictical will, my anger grows at claims of greenness and those who deny the climate catastophe is man-made.

Compare these letters in today's Guardian and Indy with the approach of the Tories, you will note that Maidstone's Ann Widdecombe gets a mention. UKIP get a fine mention today in Liberal Conspiracy, they make no secret of their climate denier status. Labour have failed with the 3rd runway, motorway expansion and so on. Lib Dems are also backing airport expansions across the country and locally they have selected a candidate who fights windfarms and campaigns for lower petrol prices.

It is quite clear that they either don't understand the enormity of the issue or they are so tied up with their own greed that they don't give a toss about others. Either way, they are not fit to be in power.


Unknown said...

There IS no "climate catastrophy", if you want credibility you're going to have to abandon the nonsense you've been spoonfed by UN liars like the IPCC and CRU.
It wouldn't hurt your cause to distance yourself from the Stalinist dictatorship called Cuba, either.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Ad: I expect you think that smoking doesn't cause cancer and that the world is flat. Wake up and see what is happening all around us.

spatuletail said...


wrong on climate change

right on Cuba

Stuart Jeffery said...

What's the issue with being interested in Cuba? My interest is predominantly with their health care system which is seen as one of the best in the world. Cuba's human rights abuses are not great but on a par with the UK and less than the US. Cuba is also one of the few countries to have survived an oil shock - it has valuable stories to tell and to learn from.

spatuletail said...

I think people should make up their own minds. And don't believe wiki, read the links and references.

and don't even start me on their treatment of homosexuals... I used to want to believe that Cuba was wonderful, I still do in many ways, but nowadays I have no problems in seeing the repugnant side of life there as well as some of the success of the revolution.

Stuart Jeffery said...

I do not believe that Cuba is wonderful! However, I think there are some interesting lessons to learn from it, specifically in health and carbon reduction.

Also, I prefer to use Amnesty when assessing the HR record of countries.