Thursday, 17 December 2009

Maidstone to Cannon St

The fast service from Maidstone to Cannon St has been axed, as most people in Maidstone are now aware. MARUG are calling on people to write to the DfT:
    The DfT has finally made a decision not to retain the City services in the 13th December Timetable changes. 
    is a real blow to the Keep Our Trains campaign as we have worked
    incredibly hard to fight for services from Maidstone East to be
    improved, but it is not the end. All of the MPs involved are disgusted
    at this response and will be challenging Chris Mole on his decision. As
    a user group we will be writing a response and I would like to
    encourage you to do the same. 
    Can you please send your letters to:
    Mr Chris Mole MP
    Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State
    Department for Transport
    Great Minster House
    76 Marsham Street
    SW1P 4DR 
I spoke to the Kent Messenger yesterday stating:
"As leaders across the world are meeting to reduce CO2 emissions in
Copenhagen this month, it seems astonishing that the government has axed
the Maidstone to Cannon St service, causing not only misery to those who
rely on it, but increasing CO2 emissions as people are forced to drive
to Ebbsfleet or Paddock Wood to access other parts of London.

"Public transport is one of the main tools that the government has in
reducing both congestion and carbon emissions, and we are calling on the
government to reinstate this service immediately."

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