Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Councillor's gritting priority

Caroline Lucas has pointed out that Brighton is suffering with a drastic increase in fractures due to the smow and ice - a picture that is surely mirrored across the country.

As gritters are doing their job on our main roads - a job that is clearly necessary to keep essentials such as ambulances, food deliveries, carers and police moving - I have to question why they will not tackle pavements. During the past week I have watched fit, young, healthy people sliding and falling while trying to walk to work and to the shops. People who are less sure of themselves seem to be less evident. I'm sure Maidstone will have had its share of weather related fractures caused by ice on the pavements, yet I doubt there have been anywhere near as many injuries by vehicle users. I simply wonder whether there is a balance to be struck?

It is clear that Kent County Councillors understand priorities though. The only pedestrian area that I found that had been gritted by KCC was a route from County Hall to the councillors car park.

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