Friday, 13 November 2009

We the elite...

The Unspoken Constitution
This excellent document from Democratic Audit is a brilliant satire on the appalling state of our nation, the supreme lack of democracy and the determination by the state to ensure that the elite remain in power.

A few snippets:

10.1. The electoral system for the primary chamber, the House of Commons, shall confine the choice of governing party at general elections to one or other of two main parties and shall usually confer upon that party a disproportionately large majority in the House of Commons in order to swell its power. For the  convenience of the two main parties, general elections shall  generally be won or lost by the votes of fewer than 200,000 electors in less than 100 seats.

11.6. The system shall be known informally as ‘first past the post’ to reflect popular interest in horse racing. Its merits are as follows: it
a) enables the two established parties to dominate the House of Commons and to take turns in governing the country;
b) returns one or the other dominant party with an exaggerated majority in the House at general elections, so that it can rule on its own with the minimum of parliamentary fuss and opposition;
c) protects the political careers of up to 550 MPs who sit in ‘safe seats’

13.5. The right to freedom from torture and inhumane treatment is recognised, subject to the rendition of terrorist suspects or sympathisers to nations that may torture them with the complicity as necessary of the British intelligence services.

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