Friday, 20 November 2009

Tony Benn in Maidstone

Tony Benn was in Maidstone on Wednesday talking about his new book and answering questions from the audience. I managed to get a ticket - just, the theatre was packed - and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to someone with such clarity of views.

It is such a shame that Labour has headed off in such a different direction to Tony Benn's. The mushy middle ground is now fought by Labs, Libs and Tories with so little to choose between them.

I asked him about whether candidates should refuse to share a platform with fascists or whether we should defeat them in debate. His view was clear that we should enter and win the debate.

A great evening.

Flicking through wikipedia I found this quote from him: "There is no moral difference between a Stealth bomber and a suicide bomber. They both kill innocent people for political reasons." 


weggis said...

A registered Nurse and NHS manager using an image of Tony Benn smoking a pipe?
I don't know what to make of it!

Stuart Jeffery said...

LOL, but how can you have a piccy of him without the pipe. I'm sure it was nicotine and tar free baccie though.

weggis said...

More like whacky baccie?