Sunday, 22 November 2009

More on climate change

Lets hope that the recent climate news puts some vigour into Copenhagan, unless there is an agreement to seriously reduce man-made CO2 emissions there, the planet will do it for us.

This news piece on the BBC talks about the water loss from West Antartica and Greenland being 405 billion tonnes per year currently. That seems like quite a lot of water. Now they have found the the East Antartica ice sheet, which was thought to be stable, is losing 57 billion tonnes a year.

Cockermouth has suffered a once in a thousand year event and in Australia they have a once in 100 year wild fires. Al Jazeera reports that over half the world will suffer political instability as a result of climate change:

"International Alert believe that unless there is a change in approach, 3.9 billion people in 102 countries around the world - more than half the world's population - are at an increased risk of political instability as a result of the knock on consequences of climate change, with 2.7 billion facing a high risk of violent conflict."

Action is needed now. Lets take to the streets and demand it. If you haven't marched beford, start with the Wave on 5th December.

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