Saturday, 7 November 2009

Don't Downgrade Maidstone Hospital

Today saw a unified protest at the downgrading of maternity services at Maidstone Hospital. The rally, organised by Maidstone Action for Services in Hospitals (MASH - one of the best acronyms for a health camapign group!), invited all four parliamentary candidates to attend.

From left to right on the front row: me, a woman from Marden who has collected over 4000 signatures, Helen Grant (Con), Peter Carroll (Lib Dem) and Rav Seethrum (Lab).

While I am a fan of midwife led maternity services, keeping the doctors out of maternity care unless they are needed is best, there is absolutely no case for not having a consultant obstetrician team based at Maidstone Hospital.

Maidstone and its bordering towns make up the second largest population area in Kent. Not having full services here is simply wrong.

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