Friday, 2 October 2009

Results from the Fant Ward by-election

Results from yesterday's by-election in Fant Ward, Maidstone.

Con        393 (26%)
Lab        102 (7%)
LibDem  702 (46%)
Green     317 (21%)

Turnout   23%

Analysis to follow, but just to say 21% is a great result and being just 5% behind the Tories is fantastic, especially given the very dodgy campaigning by other parties.

Onwards and upwards! 


Maggie said...

Great result! Remember it's all about pattern and energy - values matter and patterns form and grow through resonance.

Rupert said...

Well done, Stuart and colleagues...

Adrian Windisch said...

Well done, a strong result.
Go Greens.

Unknown said...

Good progress Stuart. That Labour vote swung to the Lib Dems this time on an anti-Tory basis, but it is definitely up for grabs. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Dodgy campaigning is spot on, The tories were offering a lift to people!

Stuart Jeffery said...

@Gary: I suspect giving people lifts to the polling station is allowed... whereas sitting outside the polling station in a car with a PA system telling voters (and half the neighbourhood) that the Lib Dems are liars is not allowed!