Monday, 19 October 2009

Maidstone's Lush attacked by fox hunters

According to the Independent today, Lush in Maidstone was one of the stores thahunt sabst were attacked by people supporting fox hunting.

"In Maidstone, Kent, a kebab was smeared over the shop front and the words 'Fuck You' scratched into the glass, while in Taunton, Somerset, an anonymous caller told staff to "watch their backs". Promotional campaign blackboards were also covered with "Keep Hunting" stickers, photos of which appeared on the online forum of the magazine Horse & Hound."

I will be writing a letter of support to the local Lush store. Lush are an excellent company and deserve our support.


countryman said...

Get a grip Stuart. Most people could'nt care less one way or the other on the hunting issue.On numerous occasions before the ban I, and friends have been followed home, spat on, beaten, verbally abused, had vehicles damaged, seen hounds sprayed in the face with citronella and in one instance told i was "marked". All this by people who say they only use " Non violent direct action". Stick to supporting worthy causes (like the NHS).I have, in the past, considered voting green. ( I both studied and taught Environmental Management for a number of years) but the Greens blinkered support of Animal rights instead of welfare has allways put me off.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Hi Countryman, thank you for your comments.

You are clearly wrong about the public support for the ban on fox hunting as this very recent poll shows.

In terms of violence, these people should be treated alongside anyone else who is violent. In no way do I support violent action.

I'm sorry that you feel support for animal rights is blinkered, personally I think it is important!