Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lib Dems at it again...

Local Lib Dems have put out a press release claiming to be the greenest party, a claim that is clearly derisible.

The claims on their local party website quote research that suggests they are greener than either the Conservatives or Labour, yet across the country they are backing airport expansion and significant road building projects. Locally their parliamentary candidate led opposition to the South East's newest and largest on-shore wind farm on Romney Marsh. Maidstone Lib Dems recently opposed plans for target CO2 cuts by the Borough Council in favour of the much discredited carbon offsetting.

They opposed switching from the Primrose Promise to Carbon Reduction targets. Local Greens wanted targets, just higher ones.

The Lib Dems failed to challenge the Cabinet on why Borough wide carbon reduction was not a top priority.

Opposing wind farms: Your Ashford

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