Saturday, 26 September 2009

PDSA - new goods or old

Had an email from my friend in Ashford that struck a chord with me so I've reproduced it below:

I'd like to extend my congratulations to the P.D.S.A.  Not long ago their shops were awash with 'New Goods', which was not only bad news for the environment but were mostly "Made in China", no doubt in sweatshops by children.  Chinas' human rights and animal rights violations, including Tibet, Nepal, Turkestan, and their live skinning of cats and dogs, have been the target of many recent international boycotts.  These boycotts have not been aimed at the Chinese people but at the Chinese Government.

Visiting the shop last week I was pleased to see it had returned to a more traditional charity shop, and to find out that the P.D.S.A. is also reviewing it's new goods policies.

Animal lovers, like myself, are often accused of caring more for animals than we do for humans, but the P.D.S.A.'s review is showing that we cannot give with one hand whilst taking with the other, an holistic approach is required from all sectors, be it the environmentalists, animal rights supporters or human rights campaigners.

Steve Campkin, Ashford Green Party

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