Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Not slacking

Quick update. I want to let people know that we haven't been slacking...
  • Excellent coverage of our suggestion for a Maidstone Pound in the KM last week. The reporter wanted Ann Widddecombe's face on it - I'd prefer Wat Tyler.
  • The Sun apparently mentioned the Maidstone Pound - they liked the Ann Widdecombe angle! The Mirror and some bloggers are less sure...
  • I was interviewed on Radio Kent's drivetime last night and tried to explain local economics in 2 minutes to people sitting in traffic wanting a cuppa - not easy.
  • Our latest leaflet has gone out across Fant Ward - I'm really pleased with it
  • Posters have started appearing in windows
  • Met some of the Conservatives out canvassing on Saturday
  • Just 8 days left till polling day
  • Response of the door step started well and is getting better each time we go out.
  • Lots more canvassing planned for the next 8 days
  • Press release issued yesterday about how unemployment has doubled in the past 12 month in Maidstone and why the council shouldn't increase it further by making cuts. 
  • A big thanks to the team so far - not long to go now.

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