Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Green Party more popular than the Tories!

This is from the Independent today: "The Green Party is marginally more popular than the Tories among those who intend to vote for a different party." so not really more popular but the Comres poll that the story is based on puts the Greens on 6% nationally for the General Election.
Yesterday in the Guardian the editorial discussed the combined weight of the "Others" support in opinion polls over the past 13 years as they have noticed that the current "Others" total has reached 14%: "Back in August 1996, the three main parties accounted for fully 97% of the total in that month's ICM poll. Nine months before the 2001 general election the figure was also very high, at 95%. Even five years ago, at the same stage of the electoral cycle, the three parties still collected 91%.". The main parties are down to a combined 85% now...
Its a long game trying to build support, but one that is clearly paying dividends. Even at a very local level, we have been campaigning hard in Fant Ward for four year and it has taken that long to get to a point where we can win (the by-election in about 3 weeks).

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