Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fant Ward By-Election Fever

Seven hours of canvassing today and the feeling on the doorstep is very positive. With just one full day before the ward goes to the polls it looks like it will be a close race so there is all to play for!

On Thursday, Maidstone could have its first ever Green Councillor. This would send a very strong message to the other parties on the council and will show just how quickly the Green movement is building.

The feeling on the doorstep is extremely encouraging. Many people who have historically voted for other parties are prepared to support the Green Party in Fant Ward. During the Euros the party saw a massive growth in membership, a picture that was echoed in Maidstone. This election we have had a great team working their socks off throughout the past 5 weeks - lets hope it pays dividends!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Matt Sellwood said...

Best of luck, Stuart! You'll be a great councillor.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a strong campaign from you Stuart. I hope you get in.

Stuart Jeffery said...