Friday, 18 September 2009

Age of Stupid shown in Maidstone

About 100 people came to Age of Stupid at the Hazlitt in Maidstone last night. My thanks, once again, to Satu who organised the event and it was great to see many new people that I haven't yet met on my green campaigning in Maidstone.

I was asked to do a Q&A session after the film and the range of questions was excellent. We started with (and continued with) discussions on peak oil. Given that almost no-one was talking about peak oil just a couple of years ago, it was great to be listening to a wide ranging discussion on its impact and whether it will happen. (Of course it will happen...)

Probably the most interesting question, and one that I wish we had explored more, was about our relationship as individuals to the rest of the world. The man who posed the question started to discuss a level of consciousness that needs to be attained in respect of our understanding about our actions. While I have seen good evidence of this 'awakening' beginning to happen, e.g. the Fairtrade movement, I suspect this will increase exponentially over the coming years. If it doesn't and the majority of the world's people continue to live as though the world was their dustbin and free superstore rolled into one, then there is little chance for a good future.

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