Sunday, 9 August 2009

Maidstone LibDem opposition to the South East's largest wind farm

Yesterday I discovered that the LibDem parliamentary candidate for Maidstone was a leading voice in the opposition to Little Cheyne Court windfarm on Romney Marsh. I gather that the wind farm had complete opposition of the local authorities which really surprised me, as the impact of climate change induced sea level rise on Romney Marsh will be devastating. So much for LibDem claims of being green... I'll add that to my long list of LibDem supported anti-green measures (airport expansion, road building, being funded by Tescos, etc.).

Fortunately local Greens have backed the wind farm which opened last month. There can be no place for nimbyism in tackling climate change and the energy crunch.


Barkingside 21 said...

They don't back airport expansion where they can smell the scent of electoral success though!

Anonymous said...

Hang on! is the opposition of the Lib Dem PPC to this one wind farm or all wind farms? It sounds as if the LA’s are opposing the windfarm I’m guessing it is being opposed on planning grounds. If that is the case it would be
disingenuous at best of you to try and pass this off as an example of ‘LibDem supported anti-green measures’ – remember the Clean Campaign Pledge
I can give you examples of Green Party members opposing individual wind farm planning application – but obviously not wind farms per se.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Dear Anonymous, The Lib Dem was leading the opposition to this one windfarm as an elected councillor. If you have examples of elected Greens opposing wind farms please share them.

In terms of clean campaigning, my blog post is factual and clear. Voters have a right to know about the voting record and campaigns of their candidates. Unclean campaigning involves lies or personal smears.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stuart, My point is being against an individual windfarm planning application is not the same as being against all windfarms. To try and use the PPC’s opposing an individual planning application as proof of Liberal Democrat anti –environmentalism is rather misleading. Sadly I know Lib Dems who have tried to use the support for nuclear power by an individual Green councillor in the same way. Would the Green Party expel/discipline a Green councillor who voted against a windfarm planning application (but otherwise supported windfarms) ?