Thursday, 16 July 2009

Campaign for Vestas

Just as Miliband says there will be 400,000 jobs created in the green collar sector, the UK's only wind turbine factory announces it is to close.

The FOE have a new campaign to save Vestas, send your letter to Mandy via the FOE by clicking here.

The Campaign against Climate Change are also looking for supports to keep the UK's only wind turbine factory open. This is from them, please email your support:

As you probably know, the Vestas corporation is planning to close the only factory making wind turbines in Britain, on the Isle of Wight. There is now a campaign among local people on the island and Vestas workers to save the Vestas plant. This will save 600 jobs. More than that, it matters to them because it matters to the planet.

They have asked for emails from individuals and organisations expressing support. The address is PLEASE DO THIS as soon as you can. Just tell them briefly who you are and what you feel. It will be important in giving them confidence and courage.

Please do it now and ask your friends and colleagues to do it too.

We will never halt climate change without wind power. We need dozens of wind turbine plants, not none.

Jonathan Neale, International Secretary
Phil Thornhill, Coordinator
Campaign against Climate Change

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Anonymous said...

What i can't fathom ( I must be stupid) is why the 'labour' government are sending in riot police to attempt to intimidate these workers, not rushing to congratulate them and immediately nationalising the plant. We should all support them in any way we can: Text to 07980703115, messages of support and encouragement. Cheers.