Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Reflections on a busy week

With the election over many of us get interested in the numbers, size of vote and so on. Steve Dawe has put out the Kent votes for the Greens on our news blog. Even at borough level there are some really great stories to tell, such as Thanet getting 17% and Canterbury with 16%, both beating Labour and the Lib Dems.

Most places across Kent beat either Lab or LD and Maidstone was no different, we beat Labour.

No. votes No. voters 2009 2004
Green 4019 41276 9.7% 6.8%
Lab 2590 41276 6.3% 14.5%
LibDem 6823 41276 16.5% 15.5%
Con 14753 41276 35.7% 37.3%
UKIP 8169 41276 19.8% 19.8%

The County elections were also a useful testbed for support and while we didn't expect to win any here yet we were delighted with the 13% we received in Rural South and the 11% in Maidstone Central masked the very high level of Green support in Fant that we saw.

This is all great news for us and we will continue to campaign across the town and we will bring Maidstone a Green councillor very soon!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the conservatives dropped votes too against the national trend. Why is that???

Good result for the Green Part though - well done all!

Stuart Jeffery said...

I think the resident's parking charges they are introducing in Maidstone may have dented their vote here.

I also found out that the Thanet vote has been changed. Looks like the council put the wrong number on their website and the Green vote share is only 9%, not 17%. Shame, but still very good.