Friday, 26 June 2009

Public Whip - Check you MP's voting record

There is a fantastic, but under used resource for tracking what our MPs are up to. Public Whip is a fantastic way of finding out exactly what you MP has been doing. It is especially good for people in Maidstone as we have Ann Widdecombe and the great thing about Ann is that you can't guess which way she will vote on any topic!

For example, she seems to be backing renationalisation of public services, free university education and banning fox hunting (so far so good), while being against gay rights, a climate change denier, in favour of ID cards, against unions, for the Iraq war and against transparency in parliament (hey, didn't she just stand for speaker????).

Obviously my MP is the most interesting one in parliament, so here's the challenge... beat that record! What's your MP been up to?

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

95% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
12% Alcohol - increase its availability (provisional)
88% Alcohol - restrict its availability (provisional)
0% American imperialist hegemony: welcome (provisional)
50% Asylum seekers: no rights (provisional)
100% Ban fox hunting
56% Big Business - against (provisional)
64% British Humanist (provisional)
38% Cambridge Liberal Conservative (provisional)
100% Civil aviation pollution - For limiting
2% Climate Change Bill - Strengthen
48% Common Sense Party (provisional)
25% Control Orders
50% Corporal punishment of children - Against
50% Crossrail - In favour
50% Current Attitudes towards Climate Change (provisional)
0% Dogs' tails: docking of (provisional)
19% Educational Reform Rebel (provisional)
50% Faith schools: abolish (provisional)
4% Fast-track planning (provisional)
20% Foundation hospitals - In favour
100% Fox hunting - Ban
0% Fox hunting - Don't ban (provisional)
50% Freedom of Information Bill 2000 - Strengthen
83% Gambling - Against permissiveness
100% Hold a UK referendum on Lisbon EU Treaty
1% Homosexuality - Equal rights
81% Homosexuality - Not acceptable (provisional)
30% House of Lords reform - Elected
48% Identity cards - Against introduction (provisional)
52% Identity cards - For introduction
78% Identity Cards - In favour (provisional)
31% Income Tax - Abolish 10% tax bracket (provisional)
91% Innocent until proven guilty (provisional)
1% Iraq 2003 - Against the invasion (provisional)
56% Iraq 2003 - For disarmament only (provisional)
99% Iraq 2003 - For the invasion
100% Iraq 2003 - pro-invasion (provisional)
99% Iraq Investigation - Necessary
50% Jury trials: sacrosanct (provisional)
50% Local Transport Bill 2007-08 (provisional)
5% Mental health- easier detention + forced treatment (provisional)
95% Military expansion - Favour (provisional)
21% No detention without charge or trial
18% No to ID Cards (provisional)
50% Nuclear power - For
100% Outlaw irrelevant clauses (provisional)
3% Parliamentary scrutiny - Reduce
82% Parliamentary scrutiny - Strengthen (provisional)
82% Pay MPs More (provisional)
67% Pension fund collapse: bail-out (provisional)
4% Post office - in favour of Government policy
96% Post office closures - against
50% Prisons and probation services: Privatise (provisional)
0% Pro American Pro War and Anti-Euro Party (provisional)
0% Pro Science and technology (provisional)
61% Pro-human rights, pro-democracy (provisional)
62% Pro-Liberty (provisional)
50% Protesting near Parliament - Unrestricted
87% Recreational drugs - Against legalization
67% Referendum on Europe (provisional)
95% Renationalisation of public services (provisional)
0% Right to strike (provisional)
33% Selective schools: abolish (provisional)
19% Smoking ban - In favour
50% Socially Free, Economically Free. True Libertarian (provisional)
50% Stand as an MP based on signatures of support (provisional)
25% Stop climate change (provisional)
39% Taxes - Favour decreases (provisional)
50% Taxes - Favour increases (provisional)
50% Temporary and agency workers: Equal rights (provisional)
100% Termination of pregnancy - against
71% Terrorism laws - Against (provisional)
29% Terrorism laws - For
100% The UK should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty
74% Transexuality - Against legal recognition
18% Transparency of Parliament
100% Trident replacement - In favour
58% Trust schools: For (provisional)
10% University education fees - For top up fees
90% University education fees - Should be free
2% University tuition fees
46% Vote 'aye' on every division in October 2007 (provisional)
6% Vote for Radical Change (provisional)
50% Voting age - Reduce to 16
58% War - Parliamentary authority not necessary

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