Thursday, 18 June 2009

Megaliths in power

I wonder how many people have spent the day pouring over the published expenses? I haven't even glanced at them and I doubt many people outside of the media have either. What the media and the government seem to have forgotten is that the imperative now must be for constitutional reform.

With less than a year to go before the Tories get into power, Labour (and Gordon Brown in particular) seem to be doing nothing to seize the only opportunity for a long time to come to make real improvements to democracy. Brown is going to go down as the worst prime minister in history unless he makes quick bold moves.

Not only will he go down as the worst PM ever, but he will take democracy with him. With the Tories in power the status quo will be maintained. They will make some fluffy changes and spin them as reform but under the surface, greed will rule.

There are so many important changes that must be made to parliament and how we elect it that missing this opportunity is the biggest ever crime against democracy in this country that I can think of. (n.b. I await comments!)

Either Brown must move quickly or Labour must oust him and put a short term reformer in his place. Labour must show that it has got what it takes to make changes when it needs to and it needs to show that NOW!

I don't want Labour in power any more than the Tories. I want Greens in power, but all the time that the UK political system supports two megalithic parties there will be no progress.

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