Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Marden Village Bartering

Last week I was invited to the first meeting of a great new bartering scheme in Marden. I went there with Joan Langrick who is a veteran of bartering and who gave a talk on her past experiences in Wales.

There were around 15 people at the meeting - an impressive number for a first meeting in a relatively small village, however I gather that there are over 70 community groups in Marden so residents are clearly keen on getting involved!

I was a member of Medlets, Medway's LETS scheme, about 15 years ago and it was interesting to hear how the Marden scheme was going to work now that the web has taken over as main administrator, i.e. banker and publicisor, rather that everything having to be done by hand.

I wish Marden every success with this and will keep a close eye on how it develops.

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hallidaycat said...

Ha i know Joan! she's my adopted auntie :) shes known my family since before I was born, she's a right laugh and full of fantastic stories!