Saturday, 2 May 2009

Widdecombe - more denial

More appaling crap from Ann Widdecombe, but a big congrats to Rob Callaghan and the Maidstone FOE group for getting this in the press.

I have been waiting for her to start promoting smoking as a healthy lifestyle option, or caution against travelling too far in a single direction for fear of falling off the edge of the world. Perhaps when she realises that cats will die in the 6th mass extinction she will have second thoughts?

Cameron claimed to be green but then allows elected members to trumpet anti-science / anti-truth views like these (and Widdecombe is far from being alone!). If he wants to show some leadership then he should sack them. The stakes are far too high to have idiots like these in a future government.

Of course Widdecombe won't be an MP by then, but I have no confidence that Helen Grant (Tory PPC for M & the W) will be much better.

Marc from Throbgoblins spells it out really well today:

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