Saturday, 16 May 2009

Reinstate Margaret Haywood

A couple of weeks ago Mark Thomas brought his People's Manifesto tour to Maidstone and Maidstone voted for "Nurse whistle blowers should be supported not sacked". As well as building the People's Manifesto, part of the deal is that Mark has to campaign to get the pledges delivered on. Mark has asked me to help him with this one, so...

to start with can I urge people to sign the various petitions and join campaigns to support Margaret Haywood:

Number 10

Also email your MP to sign the Early Day Motion.

And join the Facebook group

And if you missed the Panorama programme, see it again here.

Nurse whistleblowers should be backed not sacked!


weggis said...

Your post has merit, but its association with Mark Thomas does you and the Green Party no favours. He is no Ben Elton and should be excommunicated. He is a liability which we cannot afford.

R said...

Rubbish! Mark Thomas is great. Yes, the left does itself a dis-service by demonising Thatcher but I can forgive it when it's done with such panache.

And anyway, Ben Elton's the one that should be excommunicated. He's unfunny and inconsistent. Mark Steele says this about him: 'Some people think Ben Elton has changed. They're wrong - he was a c**t from the day he was born'

weggis said...

“Panache” is in the eye of the beholder. You would do well to bear that in mind if you wish to persuade a wider audience to vote Green.

Dan said...

Weggis, you seemed to have made a classic mistake.

It seems that you would recommend that Stuart shouldn't be involved with Mark Thomas because he is, rightly calling for the government to confirm that there will be no state funeral for Margaret Thatcher.

This link may upset some people who may consider voting Green.

Why not ask Stuart to stop trying to reduce greenhouse gases as this may upset people who own four wheel drives.

You cannot abandon your principles just to scrape a few more votes.

You have to stand for what you believe and people will either support you or not.


weggis said...

Oh I do! - “stand for what I believe and people will either support me or not.” You obviously don’t.

I just didn’t realise that Core Green values included inciting others into petulant and childish tantrums like throwing lumps of coal at a coffin. It is the most appalling bad taste, shows that the man has no political judgement and is merely concerned with pandering to his target audience from whom he makes a living.

I am also aware of psychological research that shows the decisions and choices we human beings make are predicated on emotion rather than reason. That people who live in places like Chelsea buy 4x4s is not for any practical purpose, but that it makes them feel good!

Do tell me Dan, how would you address that little problem?

R said...

You're right. Hatred of Thatcher is not a core value and so you can be selective who you mention it to. You shouldn't abandon your values but you shouldn't start arguing with Norman Tebbit in the pews either.

We must show people their lives will be better under green policies not just that they'll avoid death by environmental disaster.

Green politics is quite ideologically rigid. Unless you believe what they do, and for the same reasons, you're a heretic. A sustainable society is better even without climate change and peak oil - so let's tell people that.

Anonymous said...

He's no Ben elton?

Thank fuck for that.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather support a man who want's no state funeral for Thatcher than a party which has daliances with homeopathy, curtailing vaccination programmes and promotes animal rights and is full of po-faced pillocks like Weggis.

In the area where I come from people will be asking for shovels to dig the fucking hole themselves. Mind you, we've got plenty of mines that have some space.

Derek Wall said...

sign to stop a state funeral for Thatcher and spread the word only a couple of days to go, its currently on 13,000

Stuart don't worry about the trolls we all get them.

huk said...
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huk said...

I believe this whistle blower adressed the issue with senior management before it got to this point. When nothing was done what else was she supposed to do.