Sunday, 31 May 2009

More polls, more good news

Just finished another couple of hours of leafleting (early morning is quite nice) and returned home to another stunning poll, this time in the Telegraph.

Con 29 (-1)
Lib Dem 20 (+2)
Lab 17 (-7)
Green 11 (+1)
UKIP 10 (nc)
BNP 5 (+4)

The UKIP and Lib Dem results seem to be quite volatile compared to the last few polls I've seen, but Green support seems to be holding steady at 10-11%. This poll was done without prompting, i.e. people were not asked if they would vote Green, they had to volunteer the name. (Normally Euro election polls underplay Green support if people are not offered the Green Party name as a party to show support for.)

This is just excellent news and means that we need to keep plugging away with leaflets and door knocking.

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